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Get The Most Out Of Instagram Stories For Your Business

May 3, 2018
Instagram Stories are growing rapidly, and are definitely a platform that must be utilized for any business looking to grow its social media audience or increase their leads.

With more than 500 million daily active users on Instagram, make sure your business is taking advantage of everything this platform has to offer by stepping into the world of Stories.

One main benefit of Stories are that they are only temporary, visible for just 24 hours. This allows more freedom since the posts do not have to fit in with the aesthetic of your Instagram feed or be as curated. On Instagram Stories, as long as what you post fits with your brand, anything is fair game. This is the place to be a bit more creative, and maybe even silly at times, if appropriate.
Additionally, because of the time limit, Stories are a great place to offer discounts or exclusive codes. Not everyone looks at Instagram Stories, but giving away something special to your viewers can have the benefit of keeping them coming back to see your content in the future. Since the Stories disappear the next day, only those quick enough and active on social media will be able to claim the discount.
Showing something in photos or videos that customers and followers don’t normally see is another great use of Instagram Stories. Take some behind-the-scenes footage, or show how your product is used. Give your followers videos with value, while still being entertaining and new. Provide a tutorial, feature a new product or a popular one, or even have a quick interview with a manager or someone from your team.

Take advantage of this space to really tell a story with your content.

You can also use your business’ Instagram Stories as a way to promote an upcoming event or celebrate an anniversary.
Has your company been in business for five years today? Call that out in an Instagram Story and celebrate this milestone with your followers! Are you hosting a big event at your shop this weekend? Post about it! If you have an influencer coming to your event, think about having them run a take-over to bring more followers and views to your page.
By having an influencer run a take-over of your account, showing your product or company from their point of view, you give viewers a new perspective on your brand and your company. Using an influencer adds more viewers, because not only your followers will be tuning in, but the influencer also brings a follower base of their own.
Aside from the general categories of posts on Instagram Stories, there are a lot of specific things you can do to make your Stories more interesting and fun.
Play around with backgrounds, text colors, and stickers. Use location tags so your Stories show up in the tagged location feed. Feature trending hashtags to increase your view count. You can even add a poll to get users to voice their opinion or give you real-time feedback.
If your account is verified, you can also add a link directly to your Instagram Story, which allows users to swipe up to visit any link you choose to add. This can drive traffic directly to a landing page or to your website where followers can learn more, sign up, register, or even claim a discount. Adding a link to your Stories is an easy way to direct your followers to another site without leaving your page.

Overall, this platform is all about being creative and showing off the personality behind your business. Stay in line with your brand, but don’t be afraid to take a risk!

If you want to learn more about how Instagram Stories can be used for your business, click the link below to schedule a time to speak with a member of our client success team.