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Dare To Be Creative

February 2, 2018
Four tips to stay original in your content marketing to keep them coming back

To attract and keep customers, you have to stand out. Do something different! If your company can be original while staying true to yourself and your brand, people will definitely come back for your product or service. Through content marketing, you should be showing your customers that they need your product and can’t live without it. Here are 4 tips to help improve your creativity within your content marketing to build your brand’s loyalty and awareness:


With so much information and chatter on the internet and across social media, you don’t want to merely add to the clutter. A good rule of thumb is to only say something if you have something original to say. While consistency in posting will get your content and your product seen regularly, high-quality, inconsistent content is always better than bad, consistent content.
When creating content, focus on relevant topics to engage your audience. Look at what’s trending in the news and on social media and figure out how you can tie that into your content. Pay attention to what people are interested in, what people are talking about, and the newest technologies so that you can remain relevant to your audience.
Most importantly, don’t be afraid to stand out! Think outside the box and show your products being used in a different way than expected to grab your followers’ attention. As an example, Blendtec, a company that sells professional and home blenders, came up with a video series called “Will it Blend?” that shows unusual objects being put in a blender. This might seem over the top, but it definitely captures attention. It’s always best to take calculated risks rather than diving right into the deep end.


Featuring authentic content from satisfied customers within your content marketing mix is a great strategy to convert new customers to try your product or service. No one wants to be the first to try a product. Presenting reviews from happy customers and sharing how they’ve benefited from your brand allows new customers to see that other people are satisfied, and helps build their trust in you. The best marketing is personal, authentic, and transparent.


One of the most effective ways to pull in new customers is to offer a no-risk, free trial. This allows your customers to get a taste of your product or service and try it out before committing. Be sure that your trial amazes them and shows them that they need your product, making it clear that they’d be less efficient, less productive, or not as successful without you in their lives. If your customers are going to test something before they buy it, you want them to realize they can’t live without it. When thinking of a trial to launch for your company, studies show that people tend to respond best to the word “FREE,” as opposed to a % off. Try to find something low cost you can afford to give away for free, that may appear as “high value” to your customer.


Show your existing and potential customers that your brand is in the community and making a difference. There’s no need to go overboard, but if you can give back and show your customer that you care (and mean it), they’re more likely to tell their friends and spread the word. You want to be seen and respected in your community, but be genuine.
Today’s consumers also want to be educated and knowledgeable, so you should think about sharing how your product or service works and the story behind it. Behind-the-scenes photos and videos are extremely popular on social media today, and can be a great way to give customers a deeper look at your company and who they’re buying from.
Lastly, it’s very important to stay connected to your audience. Show that you’re human and that you care about your customers. Respond to people who are talking about your brand, whether or not they’re already a paying customer. Your efforts and kindness will not go unnoticed.
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