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How To Gain And Retain Customers With Retargeting Ads

January 31, 2018
The vast majority of the customers who visit your site don’t end up taking the action you want them to take on their first visit. It often takes a second (or third) visit for them to actually commit. Using a retargeting strategy is key in order to avoid missing out on any of those potential customers. It can help ensure that people are seeing your posts, your content, and your products, allowing them more time to consider buying your service or product, and hopefully leading to a purchase somewhere along the line.
Not sure what retargeting is or how best to use it for your business? Here’s a basic rundown:


Have you ever visited a website, left, and then seen ads for it pop up everywhere, on your social media, or on other websites, even on a different device? That’s retargeting! Once a visitor comes to your site, you can track these users with a pixel, so even after they sign off and click away (which most people do), the next time they’re online, your ad can show up on their screen.
These ads can direct them to any kind of content you want to promote, whether it’s a video, an ebook, a blog post, a product they’ve already looked at, or even just your homepage. Getting your ad and your product in front of their eyes again will instantly give you a better shot at gaining that return visitor after they’ve had time to think about your product.
You can target almost anyone, which allows for a greater reach and the potential to rapidly expand your audience. You can target people who have opened your emails, or who have ignored your emails, or people who have bought something from you but haven’t been back to your site in quite a while. You can even target people who have visited a site similar to yours. For example, if you’re a fitness company, you can target people who have an interest in fitness products, even if they haven’t been to your site yet.


Honestly, it’s logical: If users keep seeing your ad, they’re more likely to remember your brand. If every time a user is online, they see your ad, it’s another chance that they will click and return to your site, and convert. Repetition and visibility will inevitably lead to more traffic, more leads, and more conversions. Sitting around and waiting for customers to come to you is just not as effective. Now, you can reach out to customers based on their interests and their previous searching habits, so you know the audience you’re targeting will likely be interested in your brand.
Retargeting allows you to stay connected and engaged with your audience. It increases brand recall, as customers are going to remember your business and product the next time they need what you sell.
Aside from bringing in new customers, you can also target previous customers. You can upsell them and offer something that is compatible with what they’ve already purchased. You can make an ad that reminds them that you haven’t seen them in a while, and tell them to come back and check out what’s for sale.
Additionally, you can use promotions to get new customers to commit. Are people visiting your site but leaving without buying? Use retargeting to offer 10% off, which might just be the price drop you need to get the customer to finally commit.

Remember: Once a customer has converted, be sure to take them off your list (or move them to a different list) so that they don’t keep getting the same offer. Each retargeting ad should be curated for the user; for example, you wouldn’t want to send an ad intended for a returning customer ad to a new customer, or vice versa.
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