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4 Effective Ways Dentists Can Use Facebook Ads To Attract New Patients

January 2, 2018


Before you start running Facebook ads you have to prepare your website for the new customers who will be sent to your site. It is important to have a landing page that will convert clicks into customers. Create a page that makes it simple to sign up for an appointment and is visually connected to your ad on Facebook. Below is a great example of a landing page that has been created for an ad that was targeting women who recently got engaged. The layout is clean and clear with a high quality photo and a strong call to action.
The goal of the Facebook ad is merely to get new customers to click to your website. If your website is not mobile-optimized, or hard to navigate, you can lose a lot of the potential customers that click over to your site from social media.


Now we know what you’re thinking… “You want me to give away my services for free?? Are you crazy??” Many dentists we speak with are a bit adverse to offering a free service at first, until they realize that they continue to sign up record numbers of new patients as a result of our strategies. The key is getting them in the door. Whether they come back or not is up to the experience they have at your office and if you have a post-appointment follow up system in place to book their next appointment.
Another objection we hear all the time is that you don’t want to attract “bargain shoppers” who are only coming in for the free deal. Compared to sites like Groupon, people who use Facebook are not looking for a deal, but the deal that you offer them is a great way to pique their interest to visit your practice for the first time. The reality is that nowadays, everyone is a bargain shopper. The difference between choosing your highly rated practice and another highly rated practice near your office could be a special introductory offer.
Many times, people need more than just a “free cleaning.” If you get them in the door with a free cleaning and then you discover they need a filling replaced or another procedure taken care of, the free cleaning is well worth their visit.
Provide them with a memorable experience so that they keep coming back. Train your front desk staff on a follow up strategy for these new trial patients to book their next appointment at your office after redeeming your special offer.


When choosing which demographics you’re targeting with Facebook ads, it’s important to tailor your advertisements for your demographics. If you created the same ad for all 18-65 year olds in your area, you would see much less engagement with your ad because it is less relatable to your audience as a whole. Instead, if you created four very different ads that target women, men, young adults, and elderly users separately, you will determine which demographics are resulting in the highest ROI for your budget.
Break down your target demographics into specific groups and create separate ads for each group. Focus on things like age and location to better advertise to the potential customer who will be most likely to respond to your ad. The following ads were created by our designers to target demographics that would best attract new customers to a landing page on your site.


It is important to see the big picture in Facebook advertising. There will always be ads that do better than others and if you devote more time and money into those demographics and ad sets you will see the best results. Facebook has so many options for targeting specific users and demographics, and it is easy to think that spreading your investment evenly across the board would be your best option. However, you can save money and potentially increase your ROI by researching your area and the demographics that are most likely to need your services.
It’s also important to see what you can change about the ads that are generating less leads for you. Keep a close eye on your conversion rates and change your ads on a monthly basis to see how you can improve your ROI. Keeping someone’s attention is the key. In today’s society, it’s getting harder and harder for traditional advertising to capture the attention of their potential customers, because so much of their attention is on their mobile devices. Facebook ads are an amazing opportunity to get your business ahead in this new digital age.
If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook advertising and how it can help attract new patients for your practice, click the link below to speak with a member of our client success team.